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About Liquid Coal

Liquid Coal of Fort Myers, Florida was incorporated out of the desire to provide an American sourced, low-emission, high energy content liquid transportation fuel utilizing the best science available.


  • January 2007 Bonne Posma proposes the steps for energy independence to the State of Kentucky Energy Commission
  • May 2007 Bonne Posma  is a speaker at the Coal-to-Liquids Coalition meeting in Washington DC
  • June 2007 The 1st batch of Puroleum is refined using Natural Gas to create the process heat for refining
  • April 2008 Bonne Posma is interviewed live on the G Gordon Liddy radio show
  • May 2008 Bonne Posma presents his proposal for Nuclear Refineries to the Energy Staff of Presidential Candidate John McCain


Nuclear Coal Alliance
As a symbol of hopeful
co-operation, Liquid Coal has  promoted the sentiment expressed in the image above

.Nuclear Refinery

Click on the image above  for a larger diagram of our proposed Nuclear Refinery