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Unshackled free men will resolve our country's addiction to imported oil

Echoing the nation’s deep concern about our growing reliance on imported oil, President Bush
has frequently stated that we must end our addiction to imported oil.

The Nixon, Ford and Carter administrations and their successors have, over the past 35 years,
initiated many “Alternative Energy proposals to counter our growing foreign energy dependency.

These Alternative Energy Schemes have cost us hundreds of billions of dollars and include Solar, Wind, Tidal,
Ethanol and Biomass energy sources as well as Hydrogen, and Advanced Battery energy storage projects.

It is sad to say that the hundreds of billions of dollars taken out of our economy by way of grants, subsidies, tariffs,
 regulations and tax incentives have done nothing to lessen our dependence on imported oil – instead, they have
made us more dependent. As the facts clearly show, heavily subsidized “Alternative “
energy sources only amount to an miniscule 0.2% of our total energy supply.
Without subsidies this number would be close to zero.

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